International Federation of Associations of Victims of Terrorism - IFAVT

Fédération Internationale des Associations de Victimes du Terrorisme - FIAVT

Association loi 1901 créée le 15 septembre 2011 - Association created on September 15th, 2011


The International Federation of Associations of Victims of Terrorism (IFAVT) was founded on September 15, 2011 on the initiative of Mr Guillaume Denoix de Saint Marc, who became the first president of the IFAVT. It was founded under the sponsorship of Mr Lionel Jospin and Mr José Aznar, and declared in February 2012 to the French authorities.


21 August 2023

IFAVT Manifesto for the 6th United Nations International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism



21 August 2022

Manifesto for the fifth United Nations International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism




The general purpose of the IFAVT is to inspire, encourage, facilitate, and promote any actions and campaigns furthering the cause of victims of terrorism. It also aspires to prevent and alleviate human suffering, thereby contributing to safeguard human dignity and fundamental rights.        


The IFAVT was born out of the idea of connecting victims of terrorism around the world and the associations and organisations supporting them. While those victims might have different nationalities, cultures and beliefs, they go through the same struggles and can find strength in numbers.


Then IFAVT was also born out of the imperative of creating a network strong enough to stand against the spread of radicalisation. While the radicalisation process does not necessarily lead to violent actions, scientific studies have shown that ALL terrorists go through a phase of radicalisation. Therefore, key groups are starting to unite their resources and expertise to take a proactive role in the fight against radicalisation in the hope developing a positive and constructive propaganda to counter extremist discourses which may lead to radicalisation, intolerance and sometime terrorism. To face a terrorism that is becoming increasingly international we felt the need to unite, thus ensuring a more widespread message and a large-scale impact. And while terrorists call for a partitioned humanity, we now stand as one, as a family of all races and fate, sharing our pain, and acting together toward a same goal: honouring victims’ memory and denouncing all acts of terrorism.





The IFAVT is a network facilitating an exchange of knowledge and best practices to offer victims the best care possible and ensure that they do not fall into oblivion. 


The primary mission of the Federation is for victims of terrorism to gain recognition, not only as victims, but as victims of terrorism, as collaterals of an attack on society and as such as having particular needs and rights. To that end, the Federation campaigns to raise awareness of the physical and psychological sufferings of those victims as well as of the administrative or judicial difficulties they face.


The Federation also aims to facilitate the coordination between associations of victims of terrorism from different countries in order to provide a more effective assistance to victims and to develop our actions at an international scale. Such international campaign would strengthen our message and could influence countries that do not adequately support the victims of terrorism.





The Federation and all its members are committed to the promotion of certain values in all aspect of its work: 


- All the actions of the Federation are conducted in accordance with human rights and international law.


- The IFAVT’s members are to remain independent entities: the IFAVT’s actions are to be complementary to those of its members who keep their full independence.


- The IFAVT is primarily meant to work at an international level.





The steering committee of the Federation counts 3 personalities, representing 3 different associations.


·        Guillaume Denoix de Saint Marc (President) - Les Familles du DC10 d’UTA (France)

·        Philippe Vansteenkiste (Secretary) - V-Europe (Belgium)

·        María Teresa Araluce Letamendia (Tresurer) - Asociación Víctimas del Terrorismo – AVT (Spain)


The steering committee approves the membership of new associations, the agenda of the actions, the actions executed by associations under the name of the federation. The steering committee can also reject a member that doesn’t respect the rules of the federation or that doesn’t participate in the common actions.

The steering committee can decide to replace a personality and/or an association, member of the same steering committee

Historical members


Italy / Italie

Asociación de Ayuda a las Víctimas del 11-M 

Spain / Espagne

Asociación Víctimas del Terrorismo - AVT

Spain / Espagne

Association des Victimes du Terrorisme – Liban – AVT-L

Lebanon / Liban

Association française des Victimes du Terrorisme – AfVT


Association Marocaine des Victimes du Terrorisme - AMVT

Morocco / Maroc


Algeria / Algérie

El Celtyv

Argentina / Argentine

Families Moving On

United Kingdom / Royaume- Uni

Les Familles de l’Attentat du DC10 d’UTA


Omagh Support and Self Help Group 

United Kingdom / Royaume- Uni

One Family Fund

Israel / Israël

Strasbourg : des larmes au sourire

France & Afghanistan

Strength to Strength


The Tim Parry - Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace

United Kingdom / Royaume- Uni

Uganda 7/11 Survivors' Network

Uganda / Ouganda

Ulster Human Rights Watch

United Kingdom / Royaume- Uni


Belgique / Belgium

Victims of Terrorism Organization (Kenya)





“The necessity of this Federation was obvious. I hope that we’ll be able together, to hold high the universal voice of victims of terrorism and contribute to the elimination of terrorism, in respect of human rights and international law.

As Albert Camus said «whatever the cause we defend, it will always be dishonored by the indiscriminate killing of an innocent crowd."

By denouncing terrorism in all its forms, we build bridges between civilizations. From our common pains, we run messages of peace and justice, humanity and respect.”


Guillaume Denoix de Saint Marc


Based in Paris, France -